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February 15, 2008

Bad News from the Bush Administration and the Weak Congress

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The news headlines from the past several days have been full of abysmal news. The Bush Administration continues to make stupid moves, and the marginal majority of the Democrats in Congress has failed to do anything useful.

The only sort of good news was that the Senate Armed Services Committee is demanding answers about the incident last August in which a B-52 flew over the US with nuclear warheads, and it took 36 hours before anyone in the Air Force noticed that the bombs were missing. (Link)

But 19 Senate Democrats sided with the President on his wiretapping program. Senator McCain voted for the continued insult to civil liberties, and for retroactive immunity for the telecom companies which illegally cooperated with the administration. Neither Senator Clintor nor Senator Obama voted. (Link)

The Senate did vote to ban waterboarding and certain other “interrogation techniques,” but President Bush says he will veto the bill. Surprisingly, Senator McCain voted against the bill because, he said, it would limit the C.I.A.’s ability to gather intelligence. Senator McCain is a former prisoner of war and in the past has steadfastly opposed torture. Once again, Senators Clinton and Obama were too busy campaigning to vote. (Link)

Meanwhile, Russia and China presented a draft treaty banning weapons in space to the UN Conference on Disarmament. This seems like a good idea, because we have enough to worry about with the nuclear weapons on the Earth’s surface. Allowing weapons in space, including a “Missile Defense Shield,” just creates another arena for an arms race.

Unfortunately, the White House opposes any treaty that seeks “to prohibit or limit access to or use of space.” Spending on space science research and development could be a way to expand humanities living area into orbit or onto other planets, but it seems the Bush administration would rather spend money making sure they can shoot down or disable other countries satellites and missiles. (Link)

So the result is that we’ll be spied on more by a government that can’t keep track of its own nuclear weapons. The President of that government wants to continue to torture the people that it thinks might be terrorists despite a history of mistakes. Our country is dumping money we don’t have into the war in Iraq, but an opportunity to make space a weapon-free place, which seems like it could save some money, is rebuffed.

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