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March 18, 2008

Some Truth About Terrorism

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Is it right to kill random people in the so-called Global War on Terror?

Tom Engelhardt wrote an interesting article that takes a look at this question and others raised by the U.S. government’s use of unmanned aerial drones to try to assassinate suspected terrorists. He makes a compelling point about how such military strikes would be viewed much differently if it was some other country attacking suspects in the United States. The record of these strikes so far, secretive as they are, seems to indicate that we’re killing far more innocent people than terrorists. Blowing up innocent people is what terrorists do, right? Here’s a quote:

Not so long ago in the United States, presidentially sanctioned assassinations abroad were illegal. But that was then, this is so now. Nonetheless, it’s a fact that the “right” to missile, bomb, shell, “decapitate,” or assassinate those we declare to be our enemies, without regard to borders or sovereignty, is based on nothing more than the power to do it. This is simply the “right” of force (and of technology). If the tables were turned, any American would recognize such acts for the barbarism they represent.

Meanwhile, 18 more people just died in a mysterious missile strike in Pakistan’s tribal region which was probably an unmanned aerial drone bombing done by the U.S.A., according to this LA Times article.


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