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March 19, 2008

Five Years Into The Iraq War

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Today, March 19, 2008, marks the five year anniversary of the US invasion and occupation of Iraq.

You can find the statistics about the number of people killed and injured elsewhere, although it seems to be very difficult to get good statistics for Iraqi deaths and injuries. You can see coverage of President Bush and Vice President Cheney claiming that things are going well elsewhere. It’s not too hard to find coverage of other people claiming that things are not going well.

I’ll just mention two things here:

  • While the huge amounts of money being deficit-spent on the occupation of Iraq didn’t directly cause the economic problems that the U.S. is facing right now, it sure doesn’t help that the dollar is already de-valued.
  • Many U.S. veterans of this occupation don’t feel good about what they did and saw in Iraq and Afghanistan, and an interesting event last weekend let them talk about their experiences. It’s called Winter Soldier: Iraq and Afghanistan. There’s a short article and video here that explains how this second Winter Soldier event is related to the first one, which happened after the My Lai massacre in the Vietnam War. This event isn’t getting much attention in most media, but Democracy Now has been showing hi-lights every day so far this week.

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