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May 20, 2008

Lots of Proxies

Columbia Proxy to US Provocation of Venezuala

Does anyone really believe that it is just a coincidence that a U.S. warplane violated Venezuala’s airspace close to the Venezualan presidential retreat island just a day after a dispute about Columbian army soldiers accused by Venezuala of crossing into Venezuala? Reuters article here.

The Bush administration seems to be gearing up toward some kind of activity in South America. This all comes shortly after the Pentagon announced that it will reactivate the Fourth Fleet of the Navy in order to increase military presence in Latin America. And, of course, this all follows Columbia’s cross-border assassination of a FARC leader, probably with US intelligence assistance. Evidence allegedly found in the FARC camp seems to indicate Hugo Chavez’s administration was aiding the FARC. Given the US intelligence involvement in the assassination raid, it’s not surprising that such evidence would be discovered. How hard would it have been for US operatives to provide or promise support, supposedly from the Venezualan government?

Here is an interesting article that sums up my impressions of the situation, but I don’t know anything about this source.

UK Proxy to US Munitions Policy

Most people agree that cluster bombs are bad, so there is an international conference starting today in Dublin which hopes to secure an international agreement against their use. The USA isn’t even participating in the conference. Instead, the UK is acting as a USA proxy to block any agreement.

This article in The Independent (UK) points out that “The first two British soldiers killed in Kosovo were casualties of NATO cluster bombs they had been trying to clear.” But US pressure will probably win out, and the UK won’t sign the treaty.

Who is the Proxy?

Saudi Arabia, or the USA?

The US and UK are arming the Saudis. People are making money, and there may be some corruption involved.

And Bush is giving the Saudis nukes, as per this White House Fact Sheet. In exchange (maybe?), Bush has convinced the Saudi’s to increase their oil production by about 3 percent.


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