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June 30, 2008

Lots of Links

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I’ve been busy, but have a lot of interesting reading to link to.

First some good news from MojoBlog, we finally have a Federal Elections Commission. On June 24, the Senate confirmed five commissioners to join the single sitting commissioner. Yes, we’ve gone through over a year of election activities with effectively no FEC to regulate it.

Wired has a story about a photographer who is making a statement about the secrety spy satellites that orbit overhead.

“Marriage Protection Amendment” Hypocrisy

Another short piece from MojoBlog. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

The Real Story

There is a bit more to the “judge who has porn on his web page” story than has been widely reported – BoingBoing

Former Senator Phil Gramm, one of Senator McCain’s campaign advisors, helped clear the way for the “sub-prime meltdown” – Mother Jones.

Most of the main-stream media coverage of President Bush’s and Senator McCain’s calls for increased off-shore oil drilling based on high gasoline prices just say “critics claim that gas prices won’t go down for years.” It’s pretty clear that off-shore drilling is not a quick fix. There are other problems, too. – MojoBlog

After closing the salmon-fishing season off the west coast, senators added disaster funding for the fishermen. The Bush administration is trying to cut the funds, though.

Government by the Corporations, for the Corporations

DOD Contracts Out Contractor Oversight at Truthout

Telecom Donations Tied to FISA Vote also at Truthout

Did Bank of America Write the Housing Bailout Bill? at The Big Picture

Mandatory arbitration clauses have become commonplace when consumers deal with large corporations. BusinessWeek has a long article detailing how consumers usually lose in arbitration, while MojoBlog has an interesting story about arbitration in nursing homes.


Lying and forgetting continue to be popular…

Scalia Cites False Information in Habeas Corpus Dissent at Truthout

Torture from the Top Down at Harper’s Magazine

Good Stuff

A small village decides to grow its own food.

Consumers Use Shopping Spree To Get Store To Make Energy Efficient Choices


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