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September 10, 2008

Shill, baby, shill!

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Here’s a nice graphic showing why opening currently restricted US off-shore areas to more oil won’t make much of a difference.

Graph showing estimated Lower-48 OCS oil drilling results compared to annual US oil consumption

Graph showing estimated Lower-48 OCS oil drilling results compared to annual US oil consumption

The graph was created by Architecture 2030 based on an analysis by the Energy Information Administration. Post title stolen from a similar post by After Gutenberg.

The graph helps make it clear why the “Drill, baby, drill” doctrine espoused so enthusiastically at the Republican National Convention won’t really make much of a difference compared to our nation’s current or projected oil consumption. Trading the risk of oil spills and other environmental damage for a less than two percent increase increase in available oil is a stupid idea, and it won’t do much to reduce costs at the gas pump.

Note, however, that the “new” portion shown in the graph is based on estimates of untapped reserves from the Lower 48 Outer Continental Shelf. It doesn’t include ANWR and the other Alaskan areas that the McCain campaign, I mean Republicans, I mean oil lobby wants to open to drilling. I couldn’t find numbers for those areas in the time I have available today, but I would be interested to see if including Alaskan areas would make a significant difference in the graph.


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