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October 4, 2008

CIA Shenanigans

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Mostly ignored with all the crazy bailout and credit crunch headlines this week, CIA official Kyle “Dusty” Foggo pled guilty to wire fraud this week in exchange for dropping 27 other charges against him. This news article from Mother Jones has all the gruesome details of typical Bush-administration cronyism and scary thoughts about why Foggo was working to award one of his cronies a contract to provide secret air support to the CIA, but the “money quote” below comes from the last paragraph:

The plea deal hasn’t stopped Foggo’s former CIA colleagues from continuing to fume in outrage at Foggo’s behavior, or from pointing the finger at former CIA director Porter Goss for appointing Foggo to the Executive Director position in the first place. […] Goss abruptly resigned in May 2006 just as federal investigators were raiding Foggo’s office. Foggo is scheduled to be sentenced January 8. His co-conspirator Brent Wilkes is currently serving a 12 year jail sentence in California. Cunningham, a onetime ace fighter pilot who reportedly served as the inspiration for Tom Cruise’s character in Top Gun, is serving out an eight year sentence, the longest prison sentence ever meted out to any member of Congress. Meanwhile Foggo, based on his plea agreement, is likely to leave prison well before a McCain or Obama administration finishes its first term.


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